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1 Zika (TM) – Natural Organic Zika Virus Mosquito Repellent

Welcome to Natural Organic Labs or Nat Org.

We are please to announce our new product 1 Zika (TM) the first Natural Organic Product that is a Zika Virus Mosquito Repellent. (See our EPA Disclosure)

At Nat Org we research Natural and Organic Products. It is the goal of Nat Org to not only research Natural and Organic Products, but also to bring to market Natural Organic Products to help humanity exist in harmony with all the amazing animals and insects as well as plants that our paradise of a planet has created. Please read our About Page to learn about our Company.

At Nat Org we are proud that we have created the first Natural Organic Repellent for the Zika Mosquito epidemic and it is sold as 1 Zika (TM). You can help protect yourself and your family from mosquito’s with this Natural Organic Insect Repellent that does not use any harmful toxic synthetic chemicals or even toxic natural ingredients such as Pyrethrins. (See our EPA Disclosure)

Natural and Organic is the best solution for human beings to enjoy our wonderful paradise of a planet without destroying so many other life forms through the use of toxic synthetic chemicals.

Natural and Organic is a way of life and we believe it is the path to our future.


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